Health Mag

Section 'A'

  Role of Homoeopathy in Depression
  Causes of Depression
  Factors Responsible for depression
  Clinical Features
  Different Homoeopathic Remedies
Homeopathy for Hypertension
  Effects of long continued Hypertension
  Investigations to a case of Hypertension
  Foods beneficial for Hypertension Patients
  Common Homoeopathic Remedies used in HT

Section 'B'

Interesting Medical Breakthrough 
  Mind Games
  Pain Killer Turns Evil
  Seed your Scalp
  Difference between a pulled muscle and a torn one
  Mint Conditions


Section 'C'

Nutrition & Food
  Protein in a pod
  Top Seeds

Section 'D'

Self Help
  How to stop a nosebleed 
  Test your Eye Q
  Serenity at Home


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