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Serenity at Home

TAME TENSION » Use these techniques to make your home a haven.


Toss out regret: Sit quietly and jot down past mistakes, fears, or regrets. Then burn it in a candle flame flame (carefully!).


How it helps: There’s a part of your psyche that doesn’t know the difference between a ritual and an actual event. So this can help you replace regrets, fears, and pain with hopes for the future.


Practice gratitude: Recall things that leave you smiling, like a picture your child drew for you or something beautiful that you worked hard to buy.


How it helps: The idea is to learn to want what you have and spot focusing on what you don’t having gratitude releases hormones of well-being into your body.

Practice mindfulness: Have a meal alone – no watching TV or reading mail. Focus on your food’s taste, texture, and aroma pay attention to your posture and breathing, your reactions and thoughts.


How it helps: Thought this exercise, you’ll learn to focus on living in the moments.


Dream in living colour: Using magazines and catalogues, make a collage of images that give you joy: smiling children, a place you want to visit. Hang it where you’ll see it regularly, eg. The refrigerator.


How it helps: The picture help you visualize what you want. They’ll motivate you to take steps toward your dreams.




You can prevent a hangover by taking an aspirin before you drink » NO, thought this idea persists. Aspirin may actually make a hangover more likely, and also make it worse. There is some evidence that aspirin interferes with the enzyme that breaks down alcohol; thus it may boost blood alcohol content. So aspirin taken before or during drinking may intensify the effect of alcohol, making it even more dangerous to drivea car.Nobody should drink and drive, with or without aspirin. These is no way to prevent a hangover except not drinking, or at least not drinking too much or too fast. People process alcohol at different rates, depending on may factors: weight, gender, age, and what they eat with the drink. The amount of alcohol that gives a woman a hangover for example, may not affect a man as severely . if you already have a hangover, aspirin and other pain relievers can helps alleviate some symptoms. Hangover are actual a danger sign. If you have them often enough to worry about prevention and treatment, you’re drinking too much any may need want to seek professional he.



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