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Difference between a pulled muscle and a torn one?


The difference is in severity. “pulled” muscle is torn, but the rears are microscopic. With a “torn” muscle, you can actually see a deformity., and there may be swelling. Bruising, and acute pain.. A pulled muscle can be painful when stressed and typically requires icing and rest for 1 to 3 weeks. One sign of a tear is a difficulty of inability to fully contract your muscle. Tears also require rest and ice, but often surgery and rehab, too. When in doubt, call the doc.



The Boot Camp Workout.

TAAINER FROM HELL » So how ho Hollywood stars like Keanu Reeves (Matrix), Anjelina Jolie (Mr & Mrs Smith), Tom Cruise (Top Gun), do all those incredible stunts on screen, often without the aid of a double? They get trainers like Scott Helvenston to whip them up to peak form.
Helvenston is a former US Navy SEAL and world champion pentathlete who shaped up Demi Moore for the 1997 film G.I. Jane. His total Body Workout class includes a hard-core hour of strength training and calisthenics with little rest. His fitness philosophy; “I’m not into weights or props. Exercise requires nothing but your mind, your body and the right attitude.”

How he kicks his clients’ butts:- By lying. “I’ll tell a client you’ve got five more push-ups.’ But s/he’s finished the fifth one, I say, ‘Okay, three more,” says helvenston. “I also keep people so friggin’ busy that they don’t have time to realize how hard they’re working.”

Helvenston’s muscle move you should try:- The 10-Count Body builder: 1. Do a pull-up. 2. Let go and stand, arms by your sides. 3. Squat. 4. With hands on floor, jump legs back and assume a raise push-up position. 5. Do a push-up. 6. stand up. 7. Do a side – straddle hop (while in a push-up position, jump your legs shoulder width apart then back together). 8. Stand back up. 9. Squat. 10,. Stand up again and punch yourself (not too hard!) in the stomach (*this marital arts move causes your abs to contract, which makes them stronger”). Return to step one. Do sequence three times, working up to 10. Killer cardio idea: His four – count jumping jacks. “you’ll burn 300 calories by doing this exercise for just 10 minutes,’ says Halvenston. Start by standing with your feet together, arms at your sides. Do a jumping jack and return to starting position; then jump and land with your left foot forward, fight foot back; return to start; finally, jump both feet to one side, then the other; return to start. Repeat for up to 10 minutes.”

Basic training tip:- “think of your workout on a difficulty scale of one to 10 and exercise in the six to seven range.”




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