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Test your Eye Q

DON’T OVERLOOK THIS » Do you really know what it takes to keep your vision sharp? Check Whether the following statements are correct or not.

  1. True of False: Reading in a dimly lit room will harm your eyesight.

  2. True of False: Lightly tinted sunglasses are as protective as dark.

  3. True of False: kids shouldn’t wear soft contact lenses.

  4. True of False: Sugar substitutes can make your eyes sensitive to light.

  5. True of False: Reading glasses cause vision to deteriorate faster.

  6. False: Sorry just like sitting too close to the television, reading in the dark may strain your eyes and give you a headache – but it won’t worsen your vision.

  7. True: You may squint more, but tho fashionable shades can shield your eyequally, provided they’re 100% UVA/U protective (check the label). Just make so they fit properly.
    Sunglasses that slide do even ¼ inch let in 20% more harmful ra which raises your risk of cataracts.

  8. True: Hard contact lenses can actual slow myopia in kids, found one study of 10-year –olds. 1 more hard contact-lens wearers nearsightedness developed 3 more slowly over 3 year than in those who wore soft lens

  9. True: Artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, and contraceptives can cause light sensitivity. Check with ophthalmologist if you’re having problems.

  10. False: Presbyopia is an unavoidable, age-rela condition that afflicts all 40+ adults and makes it increasil difficult to focus close –up it’s the result of two thing; stiffening of the eye’s lens that makes it harder for the surrounding muscles to bend (and there by focus) the I and a loss of flexibility in those muscles. Reading glass won’t make things worse and, contary to common perception, eye exercises won’t improve the flexibility of eyes muscles or the lens, either. The lens continues to stiffen until the person hits mid so near vision continues decline till that age.



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