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The clinic is located at Golf Links in New Delhi. At the helm is DR. JUGAL KISHORE, M.D., who founded his first clinic in June 1945. The interesting thing is that Dr. Jugal Kishore never intended to be a physician - he had actually appeared for ICS exams after topping his university in his B.Sc. exams. But, call it a quirk of fate, he fell so ill that he was bedridden for almost a year. During this period he stumbled across some books on Homoeopathy. While browsing through these books he happened to read a remedy which he thought might help him. He experimented upon himself for a year & to his delight found himself responding positively to it. Therefore he developed such immense faith in homoeopathy that against his family & friend's wishes { & fortunately for all those innumerable patients he has cured }, he decided to study Homoeopathy. He was convinced that this was his CALLING & DESTINY & hence he enrolled himself at The Calcutta Homoeopathic College & the rest, as they say, is History.

Dr. Jugal Kishore started his Homoeopathic practice in June 1945 from a modest clinic at 12/40 Connaught Circus. That was the FIRST HOMOEOPATHIC CLINIC WITH GOVT. RECOGNITION RUN BY A FULLY QUALIFIED HOMOEOPATH .

Soon a need was felt for better premises & the clinic was moved to Himalaya house at Kasturba Gandhi Marg & then, in the year 1971 to  Kanchanjunga Building, Barakhamba Road.

Dr. Jugal Kishore's son, Dr. Arvind Kishore, after qualifying as an Allopath {MBBS from Delhi University}, went to London for his postgraduate studies in Homoeopathy & returned to join his father as a qualified Homoeopath.

For the last almost 30 yrs. both father & son along with an excellent team, are practicing at 86, Golf Links, which also happens to be their residence.


Dr. Jugal Kishore with his vast experience of 60 years continues to be a guiding force of this clinic, which is now headed by his son Dr. Arvind Kishore with his experience of more then 32 years in Homoeopathic practice.

There is an excellent team of chief consultants Dr. Asha Mehta, Dr. Madhu Chadha and Dr. Sangeeta Gupta along with other consultants Dr. Sonika Narula, Dr. Anjali Sirpal, Dr. Akanksha B. Kaul and Dr. Puja K. Malhotra.

We boast of a very sound system wherein one of the consultants spends adequate time with each new patient, taking a detailed case history, analysing the cases, following which the case is discussed with the chief consultant taking the aid of computerised repertory. Photographs are taken & slides prepared in relevant cases for comparitive study of the cases as well. Cases which are unusual or have been cured are categorised seperately in the computer, for the purpose of future reference. Thus there is an integrated prescribing after a healthy interaction between the associate & chief consultant as well as the patient. The same routine is followed with every case - old or new - thus giving the patient the best deal humanly possible. Our aim is to cure the patient completely & gently, both physically & mentally, without causing any unpleasant side effects. We try to achieve this by -- prescribing medicines-- Counselling & guidance.

Responding to ever changing life-styles, we also keep in mind the modern day stresses while taking the case history. Emphasis is on understanding the life-style of the patient so as to grasp the origin of the disease; as experience has shown us that majority of chronic diseases have their origins or atleast the exacerbating factors lie somewhere in the emotional / mental factors.

Disease occurs due to some alteration of one's immune mechanism -- caused by any mental or physical factor. At this clinic, special emphasis is on, or rather, the entire treatment is geared towards enhancing one's IMMUNE SYSTEM so that it functions at its optimum level, thereby fighting & eliminating & also preventing recurrence of any disease.

It is Dr. Kishore's hunger for perfection keeps his entire team motivated. There are regular seminars organised at the clinic.

- To keep up with latest in the world of medicine.
- To study & re - analyse difficult cases.

Dr. Jugal Kishore has authored a numbers of books some of which are:

Kishore Card Repertory - co-author Dr. Arvind Kishore
Integrated Repertory - Mind and Generalities
Evolution of Repertories

He has also discovered & proved new Homoeopathic remedies & is constantly endeavouring to improve upon the present Homoeopathic Materia Medicas & Repertories.
At this clinic, there is a right mix of experience & young blood. The emphasis is on performance as well as providing the best Homoeopathic medical care to the patients.

"MEDICAL ETHICS" is not just a politically correct or fashionable statement, it is the "RULE" by which this clinic runs. We endeavour to guide the patient correctly as to what extent his ailment is curable by Homoeopathy or whether he needs any other system.

Financial considerations are not the sole guiding force behind this clinic. Rather we aim to improve the health status of each one who visits this clinic - be it rich or poor. Infact the patients have an option of procuring homoeopathic medicines form the clinic or any other homoeopathic pharmacy, they choose to.

Over the years, this clinic has employed and trained more than 50 doctors who have since gone into private practice and are flourishing all over the country as well as abroad.

So - how much longer will you go on believing about Homoeopathy being just about sweet pills & quacks, thereby denying yourself a healthy way to heal yourself?

Homoeopathy is not a cure-all & it does not reject the great discoveries of modern medical science, but only its commercial abuse. Homoeopathy is more concerned with the sick individual & his sickness rather than the mere names of diseases. Thus, great success & curative reactions have been effected in patients suffering from allergies,
intestinal diseases & various auto-immune disorders like Alopecia areata, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.

People suffering from common infections tend to get rid of their recurrence when treated Homoeopathically because their immune system is strengthened. In other diseases Homoeopathy can prevent surgery in case of Piles, Fissure, Tonsillitis, Adenoiditis, Calculi (Kidney Stones) etc. provided these have not grown beyond the capability of the patient's immune system or have created undesirable mechanical pressure or very gross pathology. Even in frank surgical cases, homoeopathic medicines can help lessen post-operative shock & hasten healing & recovery.

Homoeopathy's relevance in this day & age is far greater as man is tampering with the body's capacity to fight disease by feeding it heavy doses of drug substances indiscriminately which lead to immuno-suppression. As a result recurrence of disease has become common, while Homoeopathy aims to restore the inner balance of the body without any side-effects.

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