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I was introduced to JKC in the year 2016 by a friend. I was suffering from a very bad case of utricaria. I had visited many & almost all the best skin docs in Delhi but for months still there was no result. Just was given steroids and lots of medicines which just made them better temporary but never cured it and had to face a lot of side effects from them.

Once my medicines started from JKC my urticaria that wasnt getting better not only stopped but it's been few years it hasn't come back. Now not only for skin problems, I take homeopathy medicine from them for all other health issues for myself and my family.

I've recommended them to so many people and most of them are very happy with the results they have got from their medicines.

Going to JKC never feels like you're going to a doc. Dr.Arvind Kishore is very friendly and so warm. He makes sure you're heard well. His sweet jokes and warm smile makes you feel very comfortable and I must complement them on such a pretty office decor. It's beautiful.

JKC has hands down the best team of docs with them.

Going there feels so comfortable and all the docs there are so sweet. They hear you out well and guide you.

Special mention to Dr.Puja.

She not only is a brilliant doc but a wonderful Human too.

Talking to her feels like you're heard well and sometimes feels like therapy as she guides you well related to mental health issues too.

She always remembers things about you and guides wonderfully.

JKC has helped me in my urticaria and other issues too.

I highly recommend JKC to everyone.

Just a suggestion, if your medicines aren't giving you the desired results in the first go pls tell them as they will change them and try something new till they find the best combination that suits you and give it sometime to show results cus eventually they will work wonders.

Tanvi Thakur

i an absolute miracle has taken place with our Bella. On account of food allergy, she's struggled for years - with scratching and severe dermatitis, that gave her hair loss, eye ulcers and severe and irreparable tear in both her ear tips, on account of skin wounds, due to relentless scratching.

after innumerable vet visits, tests and consultations, we reached out to our family homeopath - Dr. Arvind Jugal Kishore and his brilliant team - to help Bela with her issues.

we are amazed and overjoyed to see a complete miracle happen; with his homeopathic treatment, the ear that was severely damaged and wounded has not just healed but the skin has grown back under the tape! Thank you Dr Kishore and your dedicated team. We have so much gratitude for your care

Ira Dewan

My family and I want to express our sincere gratitude for the continuous 20 years of consultation we have received from Dr. Arvind Kishore and his team of doctors. The attentive care from the entire team has consistently made us feel comfortable when sharing our medical concerns. Their empathetic approach and effective communication instill in us a profound sense of trust and confidence in the treatment.

We appreciate the exceptional consultation provided by Dr Arvind and team, even during online consultations. Our heartfelt thanks to them, and we wish continued success in their admirable mission of enhancing the health and well-being of others.

Monica Bhalla Sethi

I had been suffering from psoriasis for sometime and had tried various allopathic remedies for the same. Unfortunately, that did not help in my case. My father, a firm believer of Homeopathy suggested Dr. Jugal Kishore clinic to me. The reputation of the clinic and my father's faith nudged me to try homeopathy. With patience and some trial and error the results I got were exceptional. I am happy I went with this treatment and with Dr. Jugal Kishore's clinic.

Sidharth Kalkal

To everyone at the clinic Dr Arvind Kishore and all his assistants are so good they help the patient take down minute details and the medicine is always spot on. I feel sorry for the people who do not understand or have the exposure to homeopathy.

It is inded a wonderful realm.

I recommend them highly a very ved patient

Sarita Sharma

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