Our Legend

Our Legend - Late Dr.Jugal Kishore


DR. JUGAL KISHORE, M.D. founded his first clinic in June 1945.

The interesting thing is that Dr. Jugal Kishore never intended to be a physician - he had actually appeared for ICS exams after topping his university in his B.Sc. exams. But, call it a quirk of fate, he fell so ill that he was bedridden for almost a year. During this period he stumbled across some books on Homoeopathy. While browsing through these books he happened to read a remedy which he thought might help him. He experimented upon himself for a year & to his delight found himself responding positively to it. Therefore he developed such immense faith in homoeopathy that against his family & friend's wishes {& fortunately for all those innumerable patients he has cured}, he decided to study Homoeopathy. He was convinced that this was his CALLING & DESTINY & hence he enrolled himself at The Calcutta Homoeopathic College & the rest, as they say, is History.

He also discovered & proved new Homoeopathic remedies & was passionate about healing patients and also improve the present Homoeopathic Materia Medicas & Repertories.

Dr. Jugal Kishore has authored a numbers of books, some of which are:
Kishore Card Repertory - co-author Dr. Arvind Kishore
Integrated Repertory - Mind and Generalities
Evolution of Repertories

Dr. Jugal Kishore passed away peacefully on 23rd January 2012 living a full and satisfying life. Even in death gave us something to be proud of having being conferred with an honor of Padamshree for his service to Homoeopathy and humanity. We celebrate his life which was dedicated to promoting the cause of Homoeopathy & alleviating the suffering of thousands of people. We are sure he will continue to motivate us in continuing his noble work.

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