Cured and Clinical Cases

Case - I (Burn injury)

Mrs GM aged 38 presented with keloids post a burn injury when the cooking stove on which she was preparing food burst, upturned , the oil catching fire resulting in burns on her arms and forehead which lead to keloid formation on her left forearm (The scar tissue had hypertrophied) .The keloid would itch in the heat and looked unsightly. She had a propensity to catch colds on exposure to cold air particularly when exposed to drafts of air. Another feature was an urgency to pass urine which at times was difficult to control. The skin was generally dry, resulted in itching off and on-but she perspired a lot on her scalp.

Homeopathic remedy Silicea 6X was prescribed with great improvement in the itching in the keloid and over a period of a few months much to our satisfaction, the keloid started progressively reducing in size, flattening and ultimately shrunk( her urinary urgency too improved largely).


Case - II (warts(verrucae))

An interesting case of warts(verrucae) where a young girl had multiple flat warts on her right foot for two years and one on her right palm, laterally. Total number of warts were 13 in number(a few of them being on the right sole)

She had various treatments without much success. Interestingly she also had a ganglion( Swelling over the right wrist which was not painful).

As a person she was a short tempered girl who wanted her way all the time but felt nervous in anticipation before marriage, examination and interviews.

She was immensely fond of sweets and could eat a dessert at anytime of the day.

Lycopodium 30, was thought of and presented and the warts disappeared, the ganglion reduced in size and much to our astonishment, the patients mother commented that her temper which would be selectively vented out at home, also toned down.

Case - III (Bartholin abcess)

An interesting case of a young lady who had developed a bartholin abcess on her left labia majora and had developed it for the first time ,3 months after her menarche. It had been operated ( Bartholini absess)twice before but had reoccurred would start as a small red swelling on the left labia. Grow in size and then burst, very often before her periods.

She would get headaches( left sided) from prolonged exposure to the sun ,which got a little letter by washing with cold water.

She was morbidly afraid of snakes, even have nightmares of them.

Lachesis 30 helped the bartholin cyst to regress and disappear. Later Lachesis (1M), prevented further reoccurrences. Her headaches also stopped occurring after a few months of treatment.

Case - IV (Chronic Urinary tract infections)

Chronic Urinary tract infections are very obstinate and difficult to treat and often require prolonged prescription of antibiotics.

One such case of recurrent UTI who had earlier passed out a kidney stone spontaneously had persistent pain, burning and pricking sensation and discomfort after she had passed urine. A homeopathic medicine SARSAPARILLA 200 given over a period of time helped ameliorate the pain and prevent further occurrence of urinary tract infections and subsequently she passed 2 stones in her urine without any discomfort.

Case - V (Antimonium Crudum)

Homeopathic remedy Antimonium Crudum 6 was prescribed in a case of melanosis (hyperpigmentation) of the arms, back and face, where in the patient would notice that the dark spots were noticeable when he went out in the sun. The patient had an extremely while coated tougue on examination and a rather foul smelling odour in his perspiration.

Ant Crud 6, helped over a period of time reduce the intensity of the pigmentation and its extreme sensitively to direct sunlight.

Case - VI (Atopic dermatitis (eczema))

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is often a painstaking treatment which waxes and wanes during treatment . A case of Mrs A aged 24 had dry patches of rough, itchy skin in the folds of her elbows and behind her neck and caused tremendous itching on exposure to the sun, even leading to burning of the skin which would get better temporarily by washing with cold water. There was a strong family history of pulmonary tuberculosis in her family with 3 members of her father’s family having suffered from Tuberculosis and being treated for it.

A single dose of remedy tTuberculinium bov 1M was prescribed resulting in great and perceptive improvement in her skinpatches, reduction and disappearance of the patches and ameliorating of the itching. A dose was repeated for a few months after slight reoccurrence in the heat, required, till the atopic dry eczematous patches had completely disapperaed.

Case - VII (Pemphigus vulgaris)

A case of Pemphigus vulgaris of a lady Mrs. K aged 38 yrs ,who had been suffering from the recurrent blister like eruptions on her face, inside her mouth and on her hands and genitals and she was, on and off on steroids to suppress them. The ulcers would sometimes bleed and suppurate. She was extremely sensitive to cold air drafts.

Medicines like
Nitric acid
crotalus horridus
lachesis etc
had been tried with very minimum benefit in her condition

CALTHA PALUTRIS 3X a homeopathic remedy was then prescribed which brought amelioration in her condition, the blisters healed and dried up and after some time there was no reoccurrence of the same.

Case - VIII (A case of Muscular Dystropy)

A young boy had been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy .His limb and girdle muscles had weakened and emaciated He was unable to get up from the floor without help and unable to walk without support A blood test C P K was greatly elevated above normal levels. He also had numbness in the extremities.

He would get breathless on least exertion, couldn't raise his hands above his shoulders. The neurologists had little to offer and opined that this was progressively deteriorating . We prescribed THALLIUM 30 C which has an affinity for muscles and also numbness associated with weakness and emaciation of muscles.

The Improvement was very significant and he was on the same remedy for 4 years or more and the progression of the muscular dystrophy considerably slowed down.

Case - IX (Ganglion)

A ganglion on the wrist, in often prescribed for by Homeopathic physicians in clinical practice.

A case of a lady Mrs. V aged 35 yrs who had an extremely painful ganglion on her left wrist, came in for consultation and was given Calcarea Flour 1M for it. The ganglion miraculously reduced and shrunk and never reoccurred again.

The remedy to the rescue was CALCAREA FLOUR.

Case - X (Eosinophilic Bronchitis)

An interesting case of Eosinophilic Bronchitis where the patient had a persistent teasing dry cough

Which had been continuing for months temporarily helped by sucking at Lozenges, and was largely disgusted on account of the cough. The cough was intolerable because it causes an intense drawing

sensation in his head on coughing. This key symptom prompted the prescription of the homeopathic medicine IRIS VERSICOLOR. Another noteworthy observation was that the patient had an elongated uvula which was in the shape of a sharp cone with a needle like point and some ropy saliva was hanging

on it. This is another feature of Iris versicolor (usually prescribed for burning in the gastro-intestinal tract and headaches with vomiting and blurring of eyes and acidity).

The improvement in the patients cough was immediately perceptible and this symptom/sign of ropy saliva adherent to an elongated uvula, was used to prescribe for, in many cases subsequently with very satisfying results.

Case - XI (Kidney stones)

A case of Mr PV presenting with a history of a right sided renal (kidney stone) calculus with a 4.5 mm stone in the pelvis of the right kidney and a very small one in the distal part of calyx which had resulted in Right sided hydronephrosis .The patient had immense pain in the right lumbar region and frequency of passing urine prior to the detection of ultrasound KUB. Lycopodium-200 and later Lycopodium IM helped the calculus to pass out and ensure the flow of urine was not obstructed. Subsequent ultrasound showed no evidence of calculus and resolution of the hydronephrosis.

Berberis vulgaris mother tincture was advised to prevent reoccurrence of stone formation.

Case - XII (chronic Migraine headaches)

A case of chronic Migraine headaches, where the female patient , aged 51 ,had been suffering from frequent headaches largely located on one half of the head starting from the nape of the neck accompanied by nausea and a throbbing hammering pain which could come on anytime but would aggravate on lying down .She had tried various therapies in the past. She was an Introverted person by nature and all her life had suppressed her anger, emotions and sorrows.

Staphysagria IM was her selected remedy which bought about tremendous relief in headaches. The frequency and intensity of which had reduced considerably and she would stock up her ‘Staphysagaria‘ for ensuring a headache free life.

Case - XIII (Who said Dogs do not respond to homeopathy?)

Inky a four year old cocker spaniel developed very intense uncontrollable itching on the left leg and paw which caused wounds to form and the fur around it would get shed as she would constantly keep licking the site. Anti allergic medication and dressings were of no avail and provided transient relief but it would reoccur and caused a lot of discomfort to the dog.

The owner had to put an Elizabethian collar around the neck to prevent her licking and aggravating the wound.

After observation Arum triphyllum 30 C a homeopathic medicine was administered and over some time the dogs became better and subsequently the wound healed and from an irritable cross dog, one just wouldn’t recognize the gentle, lovable, a CockerSpaniel, presented at our clinic.

Case - XIV (Rheumatoid Arthritis with seropositi ve RA factor and +ve AntiCCP antigen)

A case of Rheumatoid Arthritis with seropositi ve RA factor and +ve AntiCCP antigen. And classical Inflammation of metacarpophalyngeal, as well as metatarsal joints, ulnar deviation of metacarpels with shifting, wandering joint pains and morning stiffness and X-ray findings of early articular erosion of joints, presented at our clinic, and was prescribed a remedy Agaricus Muscarius 200 on the basis of history of chillblains (acrocyanosis) of toes in cold winter months and muscular twitchings randomly.

Surprisingly and to our pleasure and immense joy, there was a marked improvement in his Rheumatoid Arthritis as well and sustained reoccurrence of joint pain and stiffness.

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