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  • Primary headaches are not associated with any serious underlying condition. Secondary headaches are due to some serious medical condition.

  • Tension headache is the most common primary headache. Starts at back of the head or upper neck as tightness or pressure. Can also be around the eye.

  • Migraine is the second most common primary headache. The intense, throbbing pain at the temples may be accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. About 60 per cent per cent of patients may have post headache symptoms like drowsiness, fatigue, irritability and depression.

  • Cluster headache is very rare. Lasts for weeks or months, separated by pain-free periods of months or years. Can cause severe pain around or behind one eye. The affected eye may become red, inflamed and watery. The nose on the affected side may become congested and runny. Seen more in males.

  • Secondary headache are more serious. Common cause: brain  tumour, bleeding, infections or other problems.



How can I increase the level of HDL cholesterol?

HDL cholesterol, or ‘good’ cholesterol, removes LDL, or the ‘bad’ cholesterol, which is responsible for heart attack and stroke, from artery walls and ferries it to the liver for disposal. HDL also fights dangerous inflammation and blood clot formation. So the higher your HDL cholesterol levels the better it is Levels between 40 and 60mg/ dl are considered normal. More than 60mg/dl is considered ideal for preventing heart disease.

Simple changes in lifestyle boost HDL levels. It is estimated that for every 1mg/dl increase in HDL, there is a 2-4 per cent decrease in your risk of coronary heart disease. Research shows that five, 30-minute sessions of aerobic exercise can boost HDL by 5-10 per cent in two months. Walking, running, cycling, swimming and playing basketball are all beneficial. A brisk walk is my suggestion. Warm up by walking slowly for five minutes, then pick up pace.


Pump your arms and use your butt muscles to power your body for- ward. Maintain a pace you are comfortable with for 15-35 minutes, and then cool down by walking slowly for five more minutes.

Check your body weight. If your body mass index is between 18.9 and 24.9 fine. If it is more, then you need to lose weight, especially if your excess weight is around the abdomen. You can boost your HDL level by about 1mg/dl for every 3kg lost. Pay special attention to your fat and carbohydrate intake too much or too little fat can be dangerous. An adult with a healthy weight should limit his fat intake to about 5-6 teaspoons per day. This includes all fats/oils added before, during and after cooking. Use healthy cooking methods like shallow frying in a non – stick pan, microwave cooking, boiling, broiling, grilling and baking, instead of deep frying or adding a lot of oil in shallow frying. Use healthy oils such as mustard, sesame, canola or olive oil (extra light or refined) for cooking; groundnut oil for frying; and olive oil (extra virgin) for salads and pasta. You may also choose blended oils – a combination of healthy oils – specially designed for a healthy heart.


Avoid food products rich in saturated fats such as butter, desi ghee, cheese, mayonnaise, spreads, salad dressing, red meat, organ meats as well as tropical oils like palm and coconut oils. Also avoid trans-fatty acids found in samosas, pakodas, French fries, namkeens, fried chicken doughnuts, cookies, pastries and crackers. Increase the intake of solube fibre – whole wheat flour, dalia, suji. pulses, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Have half a raw onion a day; research says it may raise HDL levels by as much as 30 per cent.
Drinking a glass of red wine along with food is healthy. Fish oils or flaxseed oil are healthy supplements for boosting HDL cholesterol. However, do check with your doctor for an optimal prescription.

If you smoke, quit. HDL levels rise by 15-20 per cent after you quit. One or two alcoholic drinks may help raise HDL levels, but more than that, you’ll do more damage than good. As far as drugs for increasing HDL cholesterol levels are concerned, niacin, a B-complex vitamin, is effective. However. The amount of niacin needed for increasing HDL levels is so high that it is classified as a drug when used for this purpose. Consult your doctor before taking this vitamin.




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